Episode Two - Trading Disputes

One More Member

As the Shipfellows made their way to the nearby port Estraudt to resupply, a new face emerged.  Skaithe introduced himself to the party and realized his interests were aligned with the rest of them, so he decided to travel with them.  For the time being, anyway.  He named himself Captain and away they went!

Arrival in Estraudt

Upon docking in Estraudt for supplies, one major problem was apparent:  There were none for sale.  All the merchants in town had little to offer, except for one in particular.  That one merchant stall belonged to the Crowfeather Trading Guild, who were taking orders from an increasingly frustrated crowd of seafarers.

When they dug a little further, the Shipfellows met Gideon McGoatee who helped explain the situation.  Turns out the Crowfeather Guild had cut out the local merchants after they refused to pay the ridiculous prices they were being charged for goods.  Instead of cutting a deal, the guild merely sidestepped the locals and started dealing directly with the customers in town.  Now they had a monopoly and are driving others out of business.

Gideon asked the Shipfellows to do something about the guild.  Just to get them out of town, whatever it takes.  In return, he promised to share with them any information he had about the Sunken King.

The Warehouse

After poking around town, the party came upon the Crowfeather's warehouse.  This is where they were stashing all the supplies they claimed not to have and were using the demand to drive up prices.  The party found a way inside attempted to convince the guild to do the right thing.  However, before they could accomplish their goal, the crowd outside grew too restless to keep calm and stormed the warehouse themselves.

After some quick thinking and negotiations, both the crowd was calmed and the guild members agreed to leave the supplies and head out of town.  The customers got what they wanted, the merchants got what they wanted, and now the party was going to get what they wanted as well.  But that's next time…


Zarah Zarah

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