Episode One - Aqcuiring a Ship


The Shipfellows introduced themselves (minus Skaithe) and decided that they have come together for one single purpose.  A lot of people have been talking about some "Sunken King" and how he has been terrorizing the seas.  But more importantly, kings have crowns.  And this party's goal is simple.  Capture the crown of the Sunken King and sell it, making themselves rich.  Because what else could there be to life than being rich?  And really, how hard could it be to get some stupid crown?

They made their way to the docks in Port Rythe to find themselves a ship.  They were approached by a man named Narrod who offered to help them get a ship, if they help him first.  Many smaller ships coming and going from the port were being assaulted by a ship waiting a short distance from the bay.  He wanted that ship and its crew dealt with, so he hired the Shipfellows to help and set sail.

What's Yours Is Ours

Expecting a battle, Narrod approached the enemy ship carefully, but the moment they were within earshot, Coela decided to try something different.  She made contact with the other ship and demanded a parley.  Thanks to her particularly effective persuasion methods, the others were left with no choice but to agree.  What likely should have been a bloody conflict with a crew of Orcish mercenaries turned out to be a very peaceful capture.

The Orcs were given to Narrod as prisoners and in return for the help, the Shipfellows took the now unmanned ship.  They investigated, finding that it was a rather… Non-Orcish ship.  It was very well constructed and was outfitted with a few extra spikes and steel flourishes, but it was definitely not what one would expect to see Orcs upon.  Curious indeed.  However, they put the mysteries behind them and set sail for further adventure.  Without hiring any further crew.

A decision they came to regret before long.

Caught in a Storm

It wasn't long before the Shipfellows were smack dab in the middle of a raging storm and had nowhere to run.  Everyone had to pull extra duty to keep the ship afloat.  Lightning struck and started a fire, but was quelled with a barrel of their water supply from below decks.  But the storm was not yet finished and the winds suddenly snapped the mast in half!  They were dead in the water.

Once the storm passed Irma went to work.  Thanks to her handiwork, they repaired the mast and were on their way before long.  However, they were now short on supplies and needed a place to get some proper repairs.  But that would be next time…


Zarah Zarah

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