Gideon McGoatee

The Gnomish information broker.


In his earlier years, Gideon spent it traveling the seas, mostly as an observer. He wrote plenty of notes about everything he saw, constantly trying to pry as much information from every person, place, and thing he could get a close look at. He soon realized that dealing in information as an asset was probably good fortune for him, so he opened a shop in Estraudt as an information broker. Since then he has made every effort to collect as many books and journals as possible and horded them in his shop. You never know when you might need a piece of news.

He has alluded to having a past researching the Sunken King, but he doesn’t speak much about it other than he was not alone in the pursuit and that they were both nearly lost in their obsession with it.

Gideon McGoatee

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