Nergal Evant Knots

A pudgy wood ShElf who is excited to be going along with the amazing people aboard this ship


They need Me!

Blood -1
Courage +0
Grace +1
Sense +2
Wisdom +2

Keep them Safe
Make sure they come back home (full and happy)
When I am with someone who I have a bond with and they take harm you may take that harm in their place

Fast Friends
When you spend a scene by someone’s side or Speak Softly with them, you may gain a Bond with them immediately.
You can have an unlimited number of Bonds with anybody. People who you have Bonds with do not become Companions. You do not have enough pull with the fellowship to just recruit people. Those you have Bonds with will think well of you and will not try to harm you if they can help it( regardless of their feelings for the rest of the fellowship. You can Command Lore about anyone you have any Bonds with, except for your Bonds with other players. You can Command Lore about Companions, friends, and minions of the Overlord who you have Bonds with, but you cannot Command Lore about the other heroes of the fellowship or about the Overlord. This move cannot be Shared.

Please Just Listen
When you Talk Sense to someone, you may erase a Bond with them instead of owing them a favor.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone
When you watch someone’s back and keep your eyes peeled, you can roll to Overcome any harm against them with +Sense instead of +Blood.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this
When you’re certain something’s wrong here, you may ask the Overlord to tell you the safest way out( and also the quickest way out) They will answer truthfully

Power of friendship
Your Bonds have the tags Precious and Useful( and you can Use them by erasing them)


Fellowship Bonds
(Irma / Skaithe / Ahi / Chrysallia / Coela)
I try so hard to live up to Skaithe’s expectations
Never even Seen someone like Chrysallia before
I’ve Bailed Coela of trouble more time than I can count
I have Ahi’s back no matter what.
I know I can Trust Coela

World Bonds
Captain Slag – Bamboozled out of his ship
Gideon McGotee – Helped him clear out the local bully merchants
Isavif – I helped Isavif pacify his boss

Gear *
Simple food – x x x x
Travelers Gear (Useful) x x
A simple Sword (Spoon) X
*Keep myself safe

Under Armor – (1 use Armor) x
Bandages – (Healing Slow) x x
More prepared
A Horse for everyone? (Enchanted LifeBuoy) Run/Swim like the Wind
Extra Food x x x x
Not supposed to be here
The Overlords weakness I don’t know I have it


A young wood ShElf born to a cupboard and a woodworker Nergal was never a standout always diligently working and doing her best to be helpful and though she was never the star, the shot caller, or the center of attention she sorta liked life that way things where easy she never had to leave the island her family had helped settle and the various ships from across the world would dock to trade and tell stories with the ShElf people. It was here that Nergal learned of the hugeness of the outside waters and all the things there. And despite the stories of a spooky king lurking in the waters her eyes and ears where too full of the thoughts and sights of the waves.

Early on the travelers and sailors had piqued her interest about the unheard of dishes in other lands after trying a few she was hooked she had to cook and make more foods just to see what she was capable of. But as stories of the Sunken King grew more and more scary soon the sailors dried up and the stories and recipes as well. Nergal was destroyed her life was slowly shrinking around her and it was terrifying. As the island began to feel smaller and smaller Nergal did something no one ever thought she would do.

She took charge.

Nergal in a feverish bout of panic gathered as many of her things as possible and stowed away on one of the rare ships that would come into docks. and made her way out into the world. It was not long before the ever friendly Knots girl made a few friends each one more amazing than the last. As Nergal looks on the eve of her adventure one thing is for sure she is excited for what lies ahead! (Well that and her friends can’t do it on an empty stomach!)

Nergal Evant Knots

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