Coela Varun

High Priestess of the great dragon Abaxoth



Honour and Glory – Impress others with your conduct, power, and style.


Blood: +3
Courage: +1
Grace: +2
Sense: 0
Wisdom: -1

Draconic Advancement

Level 3

  1. The adventure began
  2. Took another Dragon Custom move (Fire Eater)
  3. Increased Blood to +3

What is a Dragon?

A Kobold, Ascended
Your people are the lesser dragons, the servants of dragons, and you have stood above the crowd. Unlike the other Dragons, you have a people you can Command Lore about – the Kobolds and their culture. You add a group of Kobold Pokers to your Gear. You have one Bond with them.
When you gain the Fellowship of a kobold community, the Overlord should offer you Fellowship Moves from the main book. Halfling or Orc Fellowship Moves are especially appropriate.

Dragon’s Core

Champion of Fire
You do not have your own People. You once did, but no longer. Instead, you can Command Lore about the glory of the dragons, their place in the world, and the magnificent feats they have performed throughout history.
The Dragon has eleven Custom Moves to choose from instead of eight, and chooses four of them during character creation instead of two. When a Move tells someone they may take a Core Move from any basic playbook, Dragon’s Custom Moves you have taken count as Core Moves.
This Move cannot be Shared.

Dragon Custom Moves

Dragon Magic
When you draw upon the draconic power that only a fool would not call magic, choose a spell from below, then mark it. You cannot use a spell while it is marked. When you Fill Your Belly, remove a mark from one spell. When you Recover, remove all marks on your spells.

  • Blessing of Strength: Destroy a wall or door in your way.
  • Blessing of Speed: Instantly appear somewhere close by that you can see. No one else will see you move there.
  • Blessing of Glory: Force someone to listen to you when you Talk Sense to them.
    When you Share this Move with another, they choose a single spell from the list. That spell is the only one they can use. You can Share this Move with someone multiple times. Each time you do, they learn another spell.

Strength of a Hundred
You can pick up anything and anyone you can firmly grasp with at least one hand. Objects and enemies you hold have the tags Ranged and Thrown.

Listen Here, You Little Punk
When you Talk Sense by telling them what will happen to them if they do not do as you ask, Talk Sense with +Blood, and on a 9- they cannot ask their favor of you until they have done what you asked of them.

Fire Eater
You may extinguish any flame within arm’s reach merely by touching it, tell us what this looks like. Eating a fire instantly reloads your Fire. You may use this to Overcome any fire attack you can see coming as if you got a 10.

Draconic Gear

  • Extra Spicy Fruits (Food, 3 Uses (Only for Dragons)).
  • Your blazing soul! enveloping you in protective fire (1 Use, Melee, Armour).
  • You spit primal fireballs from your mouth. (Ranged, Reload, Burning).
  • A dragon spirit, advising you on how best to be their champion (2 Uses). You may Use this to call your spirit to your side and roll to Speak Softly with them. They have great knowledge of many things.

Earned Fellowship

Estrade – A small Army
When you leave this community, a Small Army comes with you. Everyone in the fellowship has one Bond with them. When you Fill Your Belly, you may Use 1 Food to heal the Small Army.


Cultist Servants (Group of Kobold Pokers)
These kobolds form a phalanx, each shield protecting the warrior next to them. As a Group, each of their stats can be damaged twice.

  • Use the Pointy Bit
  • Big Shield

The Crew (Small Army from Estrade)
Untrained and poorly armored, these warriors are nevertheless dedicated to their cause.

  • Body Count
  • Poke ’Em Good


Nergal has bailed me of trouble more time than I can count.
Nergal knows she can trust me.
Nergal has the respect of the old dragons.
Ahi shares my burning passion!
Skaithe saw my strength from before I became what I am now.
I would not be the person I am now without Skaithe.
The Sunken King and I have fought before, and he left a mark on me that burns in his presence.
The Crew know that they can count on Coela whether they like it or not
Coela’s Cultist Servants honestly think she can make things better



Coela Varun has deep eyes, spiky frills, ornate robes and a non-quite-human body.

As the high Priestess of the cult of the great dragon Abaxoth (who stole the pillar and drowned the world) Coela has mutated to resemble the great dragons she worships. While she remains tight-lipped on who she was before becoming High Priestess, her axolotl-like face, draconic horns and green, amphibian skin are but a few ways in which her body has been twisted beyond recognition. Her mutations don’t seem to stop either – her form varying in detail from day to day.

She has blue markings over both her eyes resembling a jagged cross, split down the middle. She also has long, charcoal horns, one of which is embellished with gold bands.

Across her neck is a straight, horizontal scar that will not fully heal. She prefers to conceal it.


Coela Varun wasn’t always a worshiper of the dragons, but after staring too long into the void, she eventually grew to embrace it. Coela is relentlessly nihilistic – having seen the unmaking of the world at the hands of the great dragons she believes nothing is permanent, and everything it already lost. But rather than sinking into despair, Coela fights each day to make the end of the world a more pleasant one.

Coela travels all over, seeking and sharing knowledge of the Dragons and the coming end. As she does, she tries to improve the lives of those to whom she preaches, hoping that alleviating their mundane concerns will give them a chance to prepare spiritually. In this way her displays of power serve as both assurance and warning.

Recently, Coela encountered the Sunken King, who slit her throat and left her to die. But her strange biology kept her alive, and she resolved to seek vengeance against him. For the lives of the crew she traveled with, and the comfort of the people remaining, the Sunken King will die before the End arrives.

On Kobolds and Dragons

The Dragons whom Coela worships are primordial beings long thought to have gone extinct, and only obliquely referenced in the most ancient and occult of writings. When one opens their mind to the dragons, they allow a part of the dragons into themselves, twisting into the dragons’ own image. One who has been touched by the dragons is referred to as a Kobold – an ancient word meaning “dragon child”.

Because the dragons are so strange and alien to the world, these mutations are rarely consistent. Some grow tentacles, others sprout additional limbs or organs – extraneous eyes and mouths are not uncommon. Height, build, gender and species seem irrelevant to the mutations that occur, and will often change radically and inconsistently over time.

For example, Coela refers to herself as a “High Priestess” and towers over most people, but is known in some towns to be male, others to be small and gnomelike. She has long since stopped caring about her appearance, but points out that she can always be identified by her charcoal horns and her blue half-cross eye tattoos.

Coela Varun

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